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TileDoc app shows your sites, add-ins, document libraries, folders, and files as SharePoint tiles.

Discover, present, and work with site content as SharePoint tiles.
You can browse down the SharePoint site hierarchy and view subsites, libraries, folders, and documents.
You can use breadcrumb to browse back in site hierarchy.

TileDoc shows content on the current site and the sites below.
You can also show content from a specific site (subsite), change the size of the tiles, and set your own custom stylesheet.

Office documents are opened and can be edited with Office Web Apps. Office documents are opened and can be edited in Office, if Office Web Apps are not installed.
Office document tiles show real-time document preview (image of first document page), if Office Web Apps are installed. Tiles for recently changed documents and images show SharePoint "new" icon.
Tiles for images show the image and image name. Tiles for sites have "site icon" and show site title. Site description is displayed on mouse over.
Tiles for document libraries and folders have icons and show library or folder name. Number of items in the folder is displayed on mouse over.
Tiles are 150x150 pixels, just like SharePoint tiles in "Get started with your site" web part or tiles in Site Contents.
Tiles have the same color as SharePoint out-of-box tiles on your site.