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Connect With Us

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Connect With Us is a SharePoint add-in that shows content from social networks such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, YouTube, Linkedin and Picasa.

In the latest update - December 2017


- Show Company page


- Show pictures from Pinterest


- Show pictures in a carousel


Recent updates:

Facebook DEMO

- Images linked to Instagram

- Linkedin company feed

- Show Facebook page or a group

- No limit on size of the web part

- Limit the number of posts

- Customize with your own stylesheet

- To show a closed Facebook group, you have to add external Admin to a group 


Analytics over end-user actions:
- Number of views per hour
- Number of views per user
- Number of clicks per hour
- Number of clicks per user
- Number of clicks for each link (each time end-users clicks on a news title or on a link in Facebook DEMO, Linkedin, Instagram, Flickr, Picasa, YouTube or ConnectWithUs web part)

Data is saved in your SharePoint.


- Show Instagram images by tag

- Twitter feed from any user (without widget)

- Adjust size to Facebook page

- Facebook comment for any SharePoint page

As an example of how to connect a SharePoint site, web parts are set to show content from SONJASAPPS. Replacing the SONJASAPPS with your own user will display your content. The content is available to all users without need to sign up.

The only thing you have to do to show your images from Instagram is to replace #sonjasapps tag. Change SONJASAPPS channel id for YouTube with yours, and you will see your videos on the page. 

Data protection

No data from your company is transmitted to servers. The app itself knows only who logged in. It cannot read or write to SharePoint. Data about end-user clicks that is gathered by analytics is also saved within the app.

Enter your Facebook, Twitter, Picasa, Pinterest, and Google+ URL address in the list, or add new connection, or hide the connections you do not want to show. Change just about everything, icon, URL address, popup window...


Download a free one-month trial at

Connect With Us
Connect With Us
Connect With Us
Connect With Us
Connect With Us
Connect With Us
Connect With Us
Connect With Us